Tom Ford Noir on Trial

Tom Ford NoirTom Ford Noir is the designer’s latest addition to his masculine range of fragrances. Released in October 2012, it is allegedly the designer’s “most personal fragrance”. Even though we love Tom Ford and his suits, we are on the fence about Noir. So, we scoured the internet to find what the expert fumeheads think about it.

Kevin at Now Smell This: Thumbs Down

Kevin is not very excited about this one either. He says he enjoyed the opening and closing but it fell flat in the middle. “I describe the heart of the fragrance as “shampoo”…” Kevin says. A friend of his apparently finds Noir smelling as an “environmentally friendly cleaning product”. Kevin likens Noir to Guerlain’s classic Jicky mixed with Aveda shampoo. Overall, he says he wouldn’t be excited at the prospect of another Tom Ford release. Read Kevin’s full review here.

Katie Puckrik at Katie Puckrik Smells: On the Fence

Katie defines Noir as powdery amber, similar but less complex than her favourite Prada Pour Homme Intense. It has “a barbershop element”, which is a result of various aromatic notes such as bergamot and verbena. Katie says the the official notes of Noir list some crazy ingredients such as civet, which according to her smells like “animal ass”.  Noir is by no means animalic though.

Katie finds to be a quite friend fragrance you would wear when you are going to be indoors and with a lot of people around. Overall, she doesn’t find Noir to be too exciting and she likens it to L’Occitan’s Eau de Beaux but with “more stubble”. Find Katie’s full review here.

Victoria at Bois de Jasmin: Thumbs Up

The key to understanding Tom Ford Noir is Guerlain’s Habit Rouge, says Victoria. She continues to explain that the structure of fizzy citrus, the leather and tonka bean in the heart and vanilla drydown is very typical of Guerlain-like masculines like Habit Rouge and that Tom Ford follows the same structure.

Tom Ford Noir has plenty of drama”, Victoria writes.  It opens with “explosive herbs”, which are contrasted with velvety and soft rose, iris and jasmine. Victoria calls the drydown “plush”, where “Tom Ford pulls all oriental plugs all of the oriental plugs–earthy patchouli, smoky leather, dark amber, sweet benzoin, and animalic civet.”

Overall, Noir is a recommendation by Victoria and something she contemplates buying for her husband. She wishes Noir plenty of success,  “if for no reason but a selfish desire to smell something other than Bleu de Chanel or Paco Rabanne One Million in the subway. You can read Victoria’s full review here.

Tom Ford Noir - A Tream for the Senses

Reviewers at Fragrantica: Thumbs Down

rickyrebarco: “Pleasant, but like many other reviewers have said, it lacks that zing”

Jude1321: ” Very very high quality and smells terrific. It is indeed linear and smells some like like some other Noirs (Black) but just a little higher quality.”

armaniboy: “Linear-powdery-unisex-boring-unfinished. All i smell here is violet and some leather in the background”… “Noir is not noir at all.” … “A total disappointment.”

Arbre Amer: “I must say I didn’t understand what all the fuss was about. It is not a bad fragrance but nothing spectacular either.”…  “A decent opening but not groundbreaking, a pleasant enough heart but not of particular character and a base that is not too common for modern perfume but reminds several colognes from the 80’s.”…

“It doesn’t feel deep or dark or dirty or intriguing enough to be called noir. Especially the fresh opening is way too bright. The “texture” is light-airy-powdery when it should be balmy-velvety-animalic. I wished for some dirt when I wore this.”…”Projection is not what I was expecting. It doesn’t envelop you. It is persistent but seems like it is stuck on the skin. As it settles it turns thinner instead of richer.”

Read the full reviews at Fragrantica here.


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