Tobacco Vanille

November Obsession: Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille

Tom Ford-Tabacco VanilleThis November we are super excited about Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford.  The reason why we love it is because it reminds us of the holiday season with its tasty vanilla and keeps us cool-headed with the fresh tobacco-flower note.

Tobacco Vanille opens as a fresh oriental-spicy fragrance.  It is definitely sweet but not sickeningly so. As it dries down, the vanilla becomes more prominent and it remains balanced by the tobacco. The official notes from Tom Ford’s website include cocoa. You would have to search for it in the middle notes and you would have to search for it hard. It does not become as evident as in Guerlain’s L’Instant pour Homme. In Tabacco Vanille the cocoa smells more like the cocoa powder, not hot chocolate.

In a very classic way, the vanilla remains the leading note during the dry-down. We also detected some spices in the mix too. Imagine a spicy vanilla bean latte and take out the coffee – this is what it is like.

Tobacco Vanille is a heavyweight. The concentration is eau de parfum and it has a very strong presence. The sillage is strong with predominant tobacco notes. One day I walked in the elevator where someone before me had worn Tobacco Vanille. It was a moment and I wish I lived on the top floor.

Tobacco Vanille‘s projection is quite strong, so apply cautiously. I wouldn’t put more than two sprays on the chest and on the neck. Anything more and you will be turning heads for the wrong reason.


Would I wear Tobacco Vanille in the office? Yes, I would but it wouldn’t be my choice for a board meeting.  After all, Tabacco Vanille is a fairly sensual fragrance and I don’t think you’d want to be sensual with VP Operations…unless your relationship is more than professional. I would wear Tobacco Vanille on a casual Friday before the holidays when I know the environment is more relaxed and I’d be forgiven any lapse of judgment in picking my fragrance.

Tobacco Vanille works best on cold winter days and black tie evening galas.  Because it is a fairly refined fragrance, a blazer and a dress shirt would be the most casual I would go with it. Cozying up with it in a cashmere sweater would also work.


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