Comme de Garcons Wonderwood Review

Comme de Garcon Wonderwood

Wonderwood - RatingThe Scoop

What would happen if you take all wood notes – natural and synthetic – and mix them all together? When Antoine Lie tried it for Comme de Garcons, he gave birth to Wonderwood.

Wonderwood is a masterful mix of woody notes ranging from bright crisp cedar to sweet and seductive sandalwood.  With the help of some pepper, vetiver and bergamot, Antoine Lie created a great fragrance with a definite modern signature.

Wonderwood has a great longevity and projection.  The first time I wore it I made the mistake to put more than four sprays.  Not only did it become overpowering but also people were complimenting me for the wrong reason.  Speaking of compliments, Wonderwood is one of the fragrances, which got me the most positive feedback.  I won’t indulge in graphic descriptions but let’s say some compliments were accompanied by deep sighing, lip biting and eye rolling (well…maybe not quite eye rolling but close to it).

The Composition

Overall Wonderwood could be interpreted as a moderate-powdery sweet fragrance.  Sandalwood is present from the very opening. It is brightened by bergamot, pepper and vetiver, which bring the fragrance into balance.  The bergamot is not easily discernible, nor is the pepper.  Smelling the opening a little bit closer, however, would definitely reveal the presence of both notes.

After the bright opening fades away, Wonderwood does not change much.  Cypress and cardamom accompany the sandalwood and form together a steady woody base, which continues for over eight hours.

The notes for Wonderwood also list agarwood, however, I do not detect it at all.  My suspicion is that the oud note, if present at all, is really one of the two most popular oud synthetic molecules produced by Firmenich and Givaudan.  Wonderwood also has a decent dose of Javanol – Givaudan’s sandalwood synthetic miracle.      


The Versatility

Being a woody fragrance, Wonderwood is fairly versatile.  In fact, I got my first bottle in May 2010 and wore it regularly throughout spring and early summer.  The moderate-powdery signature of Wonderwood may make it clogging and heavy in a very hot weather.  A friend of mine, however, was telling me that he wore it in Florida in hot temperatures and that it worked great on him.  Regardless, I would be cautious to spray it on in hot weather.

The bright opening of Wonderwood makes it appropriate for daily wear even in the office.  It can be easily worn in a dressy-casual environment (e.g. making your rounds in the high end department stores) and at a formal event.  I personally see Wonderwood as a dressy-casual fragrance.  I tend to wear it when I feel like being fashion-forward and and I want something unique but not extremely avant garde.

Carved Wood

The Wearer

Modern, eclectic and fashion-forward.  A cultured man in his late twenties and up who has a keen sense of what is in style without chasing trends.  Wonderwood could easily be worn by women.  My experience, however, shows that it is preferred by men and that many women see it as more masculine.

You can find Wonderwood at LuckyScent.com and some high end department stores.


3 thoughts on “Comme de Garcons Wonderwood Review

  1. Funny, thing I just purchased the fragrance and had a pretty rough time, choosing between Wonderwood and the Odeur 51, which smelled incredibly awesome!!! I chose the Wonderwood, and am wearing it now, in 72 degree, and it is holding up pretty well. It just might become my signature scent, but this was an excellent note write-up!


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