Jean Paul Gaultier - Le Beau Male

Coming next year…a brief taster of three fragrances heading your way in Spring 2013

Here’s a flavour of what’s coming next year in the men’s fragrances category.  It sounds like we’ll get more of the same: sickeningly sweet and unabashedly tacky fragrances: thank you Davidoff for reformulating 1 Million and putting it in a tacky bottle.  I wonder if you will get Neil Strauss, the author of the popular pickup artist manual by the same title, to endorse it.

A big thank-you to Jean Paul Gaultier who will finally try something slightly more original and add another Le Male flanker featuring absinthe.  I love the note but isn’t Mr. Gaultier a couple of years behind the absinthe craze?  In any case, it sounds interesting and will definitely look forward to this release.

Thank you, Grooming Guru for your post and the heads-up.

The Grooming Guru


The vibe: Mining the Paco Rabanne 1 Million vein, this sweet, aromatic woody fragrance with its novelty casino chip bottle is clearly aimed at young, single lads looking for a punchy, accessible, not-too-scary, night-out fragrance. And in that respect it ticks all the boxes.

Key notes: Iris, blackwood and juniper to give it a “gin fizz” accord.

Verdict: it’s not going to stun anyone with its originality but has huge mass-market appeal. Expect to see it in The Perfume Shop’s best seller list.

versace-eros-profumo_650x478Versace Eros

The Vibe: Fresh, sweet, woody oriental fragrance with a slightly bombastic Eighties feel (and name).

Key notes: Mint, Green Apple, Tonka bean, Ambroxan, Geranium flowers, Vanilla, Vetyver, Cedarwood and an oak moss accord.

Verdict: with Eros as the name it’s positively tumescent with potential but alas, the juice is surprisingly pedestrian and though appears sexy initially (in a sweet, Thierry Mugler kinda way) it…

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