Versace Eros

Versace Eros: Review


Versace Eros


Mint, Apple, Lemon

Tonka Bean, Geranium, Ambroxan

Vanilla, Vetiver, Oakmoss, Cedar

One Sentence Verdict

A good enough fragrance

The Long Story

The more I read about Versace Eros, the more confused I get. It seems like no one on the Versace team talked to each other to come up with a consistent advertising content. It’s either that or Versace must live in some fantasy world where gladiators look like Xerxes from 300.

The idea behind Eros was to create a fragrance for the man “who is his own master”.  Apparently, no one told Donatella that the gladiators were slaves, hence they were not their own masters. This is why I’m not sure how her statement ties in with the whole gladiator concept.

Let’s accept that the advertising theme is centered around a gladiator. Then, why on earth, would they make this gladiator look like a silver-painted pride parade performer? My idea of a gladiator is tough rugged man, just like the ones in Gladiator.  Brian Shimansky (featured in the ad) has a great body but he does not personify a gladiator, especially when he is spray painted in silver.

versace-eros-comunicazione-lightbox-backstage-02So far, it’s clear that the advertising does not match the gladiator theme. It gets worse when you add the name of the fragrance to the mix: Eros.

Eros is the Greek god of love. In Greek “Eros” means desire and in Greek mythology Eros is a symbol of sexual power. Similarly to Cupid, Eros is said to bring lovers together. In Greek art, he is represented as a slim young man – something much closer to what Brian Shimansky’s character.

So imagine this for a moment: what if Versace makes a fragrance, calls it Eros and centers it around the theme of the Greek god with the same name who makes people fall in love with each other. The parallel is that the fragrance attracts people and makes them fall in love with each other. Forget about gladiators, ultra-masculine men and determinate goal chasers. The fragrance itself is so far remote from it anyway.

Despite all the conceptual contradictions, Eros is a slightly-above-average fragrance. It opens really well with citrus anchored down by tonka bean and amber. It seems like some quality went in the opening. It has some depth to it, which set the scent apart from the regular other masculine in this genre.

If the opening gives you 15 minutes of near heaven, the dry down brings you down to earth. The vanilla and tanka beans take over and dominate until the predictable end. A perfumista may start yawning but Joe Average would probably find it quite appealing. It really is appealing. The tonka bean has a nice sweet nuance to it and doesn’t come off synthetic.


Overall, Eros is what you call a “nice” fragrance. It will likely do very well in the mass market and go unnoticed in the fragrance community. It doesn’t bring anything new to the table but it does what it’s supposed to do well. Give it a try and share your thoughts.


6 thoughts on “Versace Eros: Review

    1. Thanks, Jordan. It’s a decent mass market fragrance and it does its job well. It gets a lot of bad rap on Basenotes but I think the expectations there are quite different than those of the average guy.


  1. Great review! Well you hit it out of the ball park with this one… And that photo where the model is holding the bottle …look at the difference between his legs and his torso…it just dosen’t match. Bad photoshop work there.


  2. I never thought about it before, but I’m probably a lot more experienced than I realized. When I think back to all the bottles of cologne I’ve gone through and given away to a friend as a gift after I got tired of it. It’s funny I’m writing this March 2014 and when I go into Macy’s and Lord and Taylor, they still try to sell me Eros like it’s new. I bought this from Macy’s online the first week it came out, like almost a year ago. To me this scent is different than any other scent out there. It truly is unique. I picture a masculine mediterranean man who drives a black ferrari and lives in a house with marble floors who eats things wrapped in grape leaves, watches polo on tv, wears leather driving gloves. To sum it up. This is not a boys fragrance. It is grown and sexy and comfortable with its sexuality, its powerful and wealthy and again in comfortable with its wealth.


    1. Thanks for your comment, Mike. You’re right, it is not a new fragrance and just recently a sales assistant was trying to push it on me as a new release.

      If you like Eros, you may also like Valentino Uomo. I just got a chance to smell a sample and it is really good. I believe Nordstrom only carries it for now in the US.


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