Make Perfume Not War

Here’s a great article by Jordan Rivers from the Fragrant Man about a Canadian perfumer helps the Afghani fragrance industry find new markets.

The Fragrant Man

Make Perfume not War
The Story of The Noble Rose

Fields of rose bushes have replaced some opium growing areas in Afghanistan. The petals are handpicked and distilled into rose oils and absolutes for the world markets.

There is one fragrance company that has placed the Afghan Rose on the new ingredient shelf – The 7 Virtues Beauty Inc – and so far, only one perfume has been released from this rose source.

Noble Rose of Afghanistan was signed by Canadian perfumer Susanne Langmuir in 2010. This company is owned by Barb Stegemann, the same person who dreamt up the concept of an export path for the harvest conversion. Stegemann was considering the consequences of war and peace, and her considerations became reality after investment through the TV program Dragons’ Den where she found her investor and business partner, W. Brett Wilson.

Stegemann sources her rose oil from Abdullah Arsala…

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2 thoughts on “Make Perfume Not War

  1. Have you tried PHI une rose de Kandahar from Tauer Perfumes? It features this wonderful Afghani rose and is among my very favorites.


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