Scent Stories: The Proposal (Eau D’Orange Verte)

“I don’t know, Gianfranco.” he said while buttoning his freshly ironed white shirt.

“About which part?”, Gianfranco asked leaning on the side of the door frame. His white linen shirt, unbuttoned on top, was revealing sporadic black chest hair and a solid tan acquired through endless hours spent on the beach.

Gianfranco crossed over his left foot, his his dark ankles peering from under his white linen pants rolled up on the bottom.

“About all of it. Why would you want to do it?” He turned facing Gianfranco while rolling up his shirt’s sleeves. Behind him, the Gianfranco could see the open window and the rolling green hills of Tuscany.

TuscanVilla-Patio1Gianfranco had come to visit him at his Tuscan villa hoping to get him involved in his latest project. He had planned every single word and things were moving according to plan until he hit a snag. What does he mean he doesn’t know? How do you respond to that? What is there not to know? You just put your share in, Gianfranco gets the ball rolling and six months from they both pocket several million. It’s a done deal.

“Okay, let me explain again…”said Gianfranco sighing deeply and leaning on the back of his desk chair. His companion picked up the green bottle with cologne lying on his bed and shot two sprays on both sides of his neck. He sprayed once more on his chest and straightened his collar while slipping on his loafers.

orangeTree-Pot1The fresh scent of bitter oranges filled up the air. He slowly inhaled the bright citrus filling up the whole room and exhaled slowly with a peaceful smile on his face. He was in no mood of being convinced to discuss his friend’s dubious proposal. The sharp notes of oak moss cleared his head and he felt immensely happy. This is how Eau D’Orange Verte made him feel with its bright orange and lemon notes.

Gianfranco stared at him, not sure whether to continue with his explanation or just give him a moment.

“Listen Gianfranco,” he started speaking in a clear voice while putting on his navy blue blazer. “I get what you are trying to do. What I don’t get is why you want to do it.”

Gianfranco stared back flabbergasted. The green orange scent continued wafting through the air. He was in a desperate need of some citrus to lift him up too.

“I mean obviously, we stand to make quite a lot of money if…” Gianfranco started explaining again following his friend down the red ceramic stairs leading to the back patio. The sunny breeze caressed his face carrying the aroma of the orange tree standing in a pot next to the door. He couldn’t tell anymore if the scent came from his friend’s cologne or the greenery in the back yard softly warmed by the Tuscan sun.

TuscanVilla2Gianfranco felt lost. He didn’t know anymore what was the point of even talking. It was obvious to him he won’t convince him of anything but he still felt he had the obligation to try to convince him. It was more like an obligation, to sort of give him a first right of refusal.

Orange Tree1The nature surrounding them took over Gianfranco’s senses. He couldn’t think of anything else but the warm air filled with freshly bitter-green scent and the shining sun heating up the red tiles. He felt like taking off his shoes and letting them rest on the warm floor. All the tension and desire for persuasion evaporated. Gianfranco sat on the stairs and leaned his elbow on his knee.

He felt like he disappeared in the sunlight and citrus-drenched atmosphere. Dizzily, Gianfranco slowly got up and headed for his car.


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