Tom Daxon Cologne Absolute Review


Neroli, Bergamot, Tarragon, Violet Leaf, Jasmine, Lilly of the Valley, Givescone, Patchouli, Cypriol

The Short Story

A modern cologne.

The Long Story

Cologne Absolute1Generally speaking, we can divide colognes into two broad categories: Old World and New World.  In the Old World category fall all classic or traditional colognes: Santa Maria Novella, Floris, Acqua di Parma, Guerlain, etc. In the New Worlds category you have scents like Oliver & Co., Eau d’Italie, Issey Miyake, etc.

Double-breasted-gentlemanTom Daxon‘s Cologne Absolute falls into the New World category even though it comes from a house based in England.  What makes Cologne Absolute different is that it maintains a modern vibe, while exuding a very European feel.  Imagine a young gentlemen on a day off strolling the streets of London: casually unbuttoned white shirt, perfectly tailored dark double-breasted jacket, bright pocket square, chinos and loafers. Natural, modern and chic. Effortlessly elegant and cool.  This is the vibe Cologne Absolute gives me.

Cologne Absolute is also unique in the way that it avoids cliches (imagine the mass marketed citrus colognes for men) and the same time is not ultra modern or avant garde.  In this sense, it will not wow you with its uniqueness but it will definitely impress you with its effortlessness in doing what a cologne is supposed to do – make your day better by making you smell good.

Cologne Absolute opens with very traditional notes – neroli and bergamot.  A note of violet leaf grounds the fleeting citrus on top and reminisces Green Irish Tweed but in a more casual way.  The violet leaf also makes the fragrance determinately more masculine.

The danger with many modern-day citruses is that they start off great and then turn into a sharp cedar or synthetic musk.  Cologne Absolute has a woody-musky dry-down that remains fresh and natural.  At this point it is more of a skin scent creating a feeling of cleanliness that I can detect on my undershirt and when moving around.


For a citrus, Cologne Absolute has a good longevity of 7+ hours even though at the end of the day you would have to sniff your shirt to detect it.

The refined subtlety is one of the striking features of Cologne Absolute. The projection makes the difference between people around you saying “oh, he smells nice” instead of “oh, he put on cologne today”.  Cologne Absolute makes you smell nice.

Highly recommended for any season because it is fresh enough for a sizzling summer and solid enough for a cold winter day.


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