Bond No 9 Coney Island Review


Melon, Guava, Margarita, Lime, Caramel, Dark Chocolate, Sandal Wood, Musk, Vanilla, Cedar

The Short Story

Coney Island. The smell of fun. Oh,if only!

The Long Story

coney-island_photo_largePart of the creative process in creating a fragrance is to experience the ambiance the scent is trying to depict.  Naturally, if you are creating a perfume depicting Coney Island, you would go there and soak in the sun, breeze and the fun abound there.

Apparently, Michel Almairac, Coney Island`s creator, skipped that step and just stayed sequestered in the lab.  Therefore, the results are not surprising.  Coney Island smells nothing like the place of the name it bears.

Off the top, Coney Island opens with a synthetic smelling lime.  Luckily, a fresh lemon note come to the rescue.  This is the part of the fragrance I enjoy.  For a brief moment I get optimistic about this. Maybe things get better from there.  The melon makes me feel like I am at a fun place in the summer, enjoying a cold drink on the beach.  Now I can`t wait for the caramel and dark chocolate to come out and make Coney Island even more fun.  I`m even forgiving to the synthetic lime.  After all, perfection is hard to attain and such a minor slip-up in the beginning is a prelude to something truly great.


My happiness soon evaporates when I get to the heart notes.  I am still waiting for my caramel and dark chocolate.  Nothing. I get some musk, possibly sandal wood.  Not too bad but definitely not what I expected.  I`m still hopeful. Maybe it`s worth the wait.

Nothing….I feel like I am in Waiting for Godot.  I keep getting hit with fresh white musk. There is some fresh sweetness to it but it`s mostly musk, which slowly turns sharp and synthetic.  Maybe Michel skipped the heart notes.

I go on Bond`s website and I watch their Coney Island promo video.  It`s fun, sunny, cool and fresh.  I get where the idea to include melon, margarita, chocolate and caramel came from.  These notes would really depict the feeling of seaside fun at an amusement park.  I would even throw in a marine note to recreate the sea breeze.

Instead, I just get musk that turns sharper by the minute with the help of dry cedar.

I get it.  It`s a joke!  The joke is on me though and is not that funny.  The only one laughing is Laurice Rahme, founder of Bond No 9, with my $265 I paid for a 100 ml bottle on her way to the bank.

Now, don`t get me wrong.  Coney Island is a decent enough fragrance to wear at an amusement park.  It is very easy to wear and may even get you a random complement here and there.  But then, if the idea is to wear a decent enough fragrance, there are many doing the job much better coming at one third of the price.

What Coney Island fails at is recreating the spirit of the eponymous place.  I smell it and I don`t think of a fun place.  I think of halitosis and a brutal hangover after a night of drinking an absurd number of margaritas.

If you are looking for a great fragrance to wear on a trip to Coney Island, pass this one by and look elsewhere.  There are much better choices on the market.


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