What’s Hot Right Now: Valentino Uomo

Valentino-Uomo-Perfume-Profumo-558x350I think I need to get a restraining order against Valentino Uomo.  Not that I really would but everywhere I turn I read about it. The hype this time, though, doesn’t come from a persistent marketing campaign Valentino‘s or Puig‘s (the company that created the fragrance) folks started but from independent reviewers.

Valentino Uomo is rumoured to smell similar to Dior Homme – also created by Olivier Polge.  That comparison on its own is a compliment.  It’s like saying that you look like Ryan Reynolds, even though in the world of fragrance originality is valued more than similarity…even if it is to something good.

So, what’s so special about Valentino Uomo?  Well, to be honest, I don’t know…yet. It recently got released in Europe and is not coming to North America until 2015.  Here’s what’s in it:

 Bergamot, Myrtle Liquor, Gianduja Cream, Coffee, Cedar, White Leather

Valentino Uomo was created to be a modern classic – something that embodies the Italian sprezzatura or effortless elegance.

Valentino Uomo Man

The promotional video (see here) perfectly depicts the idea of a modern classic by showing the a love escapade of  young modern man living in a very classic environment.  I get a very European vibe from all the promo materials, which gets me excited to try the actual juice.


So, what do those that have tried have to say about it:

Thomas from The Candy Perfume Boy gives it a raving review on Escentual.com (read here).  He calls it a “seriously good stuff” that depicts the “effortless Italian style”.

The Grooming Guru loves the bottle (read here).

GQ UK has featured it as “Fragrance of the Week” for the week of January 21, 2014 (read here).

Now, what’s left is to try Valentino Uomo and find out if it lives up to the expectation.





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