Prada Luna Rossa Extreme Review


Lavender, Bergamot, Pepper, Labdanum, Juniper, Amber, Vanilla

The Short Story

Soapy, spicy lavender.

The Long Story

1-paris-gallery-prada-65082338It’s refreshing once in a while to find on the fragrance counter something that smells slightly different than the run-of-the-mill fresh/citrus or spicy oriental offerings for men.  Prada’s Luna Rossa Extreme is by no means earth-shattering with its originality but it defeinitely stands out among the many reiterations of Armani Code and YSL L’Homme.

I suppose Luna Rossa Extreme was meant to be a stronger version of the original Luna Rossa.  Maybe something you can wear in the evening after a day of sailing in the Mediterranean.  Not that anything in the juice itself suggests such a lifestyle.  The advertising campaign, however, is built around competitive sailing.

Luna Rossa Extreme is for the men who do not want to be ambiguous about their masculinity or whether they have hair on their back. Soapy lavender and spicy peppery accords make sure that you don’t even dare question the wearer about either one of these things.

Magnum PI

Luna Rossa Extreme is how Thomas Magnum (from Magnum PI) smells like: strong, rugged and, above all, trustworthy.

From the top I get hit with lavender and pepper.  The soapy aspect of the lavender is present from the start and doesn’t go away until the very last detectable notes.  Luna Rossa Extreme doesn’t follow the classic male scent composition and doesn’t open with fresh top notes.  Bergamot is on the list of notes but I do not detect it.  As we go into the heart of the fragrance, the pepper becomes more prominent but it is softened by lavender and labdanum and amber. The transition to the dry-down is relatively smooth.  Luna Rossa Extreme‘s ending is spicy.  It’s not unpleasant but fairly predictable.

Preparations for the Launch

Compared to the Infusion line offered by Prada,  Luna Rossa Extreme is definitely more rugged.  I suspect this is intentional as it is meant to represent a more active/rugged lifestyle.

Overall, it is not a bad but then when it comes to rugged ultra-masculine fragrances, there are much better options on the market.

P.S. Luna Rossa is in fact the name of the yacht of Patrizio Bertelli.  He is the husband of the Miucia Prada and also an avid sailor.  I guess the inspiration for both Luna Rossa fragrances come from his passion for sailing.


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