Creed Aventus Review


Bergamot, Black Currant, Pineapple, Birch, Ambergris, Musk, Oakmoss, Amber, Vanilla

The Short Story

The scent of mean corporate lawyers and back-stabbing careerists.

The Long Story

creed-aventus-men-fragrance1Creed’s Aventus is the scent of the aspiring climbers of the corporate ladder.  If their boss in the corner office wears Green Irish Tweed, the yuppie with the skinny tie fetching him the Starbucks wears Aventus.

Aventus and the aspiring junior are perfect for each other. The latter is enchanted by the prospects of power, success and wealth and the former was created to celebrate power, vision and success.

Proximity to power creates arrogance.  It creates the illusion that just because you enjoy the favour of those in charge, you are one of them. In this sense, Aventus is also the fragrance of mean corporate lawyers and back-stabbing careerists.


To their benefit, however, Aventus is a good fragrance.  It opens with fresh bergamot and tarty black currant and pineapple.  Usually, the latter two notes are used to add sweetness to a composition. Not here, however. They play very well with the citrus notes and contribute some gravitas and heftiness to the light and fleeting nature of the bergamot.


The fresh opening transitions into a smoky/bitter birch and patchouli combo. It still maintains its freshness but at this stage things become interesting.  Incense is not on the ingredient list, even though a smoky note is clearly present. I believe the birch and patchouli  are responsible for this.  For me, the tarty pineapple and smoke  define the fragrance.

The somewhat sharp middle notes are tempered down by a sweet musky base.  Musk, amber and vanilla add some sweetness and shave off some of the harsh edges of the woody middle.


Even though Aventus would probably work anywhere, I see it working best in the office, preferably around people with influence.  The crisp, yet, serious vibe that it gives out would definitely give the impression that you are a modern man who values quality and means business.  If this is you, or at least aspire to be one of those men, then run and get two bottles.  Your promotion may depend on it.


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