Tom Daxon Sicilian Wood Review


Lemon, Tangerine, Cardamom, Lilly of the Valley, Gaiac Wood, Amber, Cedar, Vanilla

The Short Story

Very polite woods.

The Long Story

sicilian_wood-bottle-boxTom Daxon‘s Sicilian Wood is like the German trains: pleasant, safe and predictable.  While these are good qualities of a train service, they are not necessarily the best attributes of a fragrance.

Starting from the name, the fragrance itself is what it says on the bottle.  It opens with sweet lemon and tangerine (typical for Sicily) and then it develops in light velvety woods (hence Sicilian Wood).

Sicilian Wood is blended masterfully – from the fresh citrus and cardamom on the top, smoothly the scent transitions into soft woods and then dries down into sweet amber spiked up by a sharper cedar note.  It’s a great execution but it fails to excite me and capture my imagination.  I would have loved for Sicilian Wood to transport me to Sicily, however, the only place it takes me to is a meeting room full of architects poring over blueprints.


I find Sicilian Wood very similar in its character to Zegna Uomo. It is very restrained, predictable and polite.  It almost feels like being on a date with someone who hits all the checks on your list but is utterly unexciting. You can have a good life together but you won’t be living.

Overall, if you find a train on schedule exciting, you’ll love Sicilian Wood.  Otherwise, save your money for something with more character.


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