Fueguia 1833 Ballena de la Pampa Review


Musks, Hay, Ambergris

The Short Story

A moment of bliss.

The Long Story

Ballena_de_la_pampaI’m lying in the dry grass, the scorching sun kissing my face.  The light breeze is caressing my body and the dry grass is tickling my arms and legs.  The sweet aroma of hay and parched meadow flowers is wafting through the air.

Tranquility is all I am feeling at the moment.  I am in a state of bliss, thousands of miles away from the hectic pace of this world.  I don’t have a thought of worry in my head.  It is just me in the field enwrapped by sheer serenity.

I can lie here forever; absorbing the sun, the smells and the sensations of everything around me.  I lose track of time. The past and the future do not exist.  All that matter right now is the present: me lying here in the dry field surrounded by the warm sweet aroma in the hot air.


I keep my eyes closed and inhale deeply.  The smell of warm sea is coming from somewhere.  The shore must be near but I don’t hear the waves.  I breathe in again trying to figure out where the sea breeze is coming from.  It is everywhere around me, mixed with the sweet smell of dry hay.  Where it comes from doesn’t matter.  What matters is that I am here now and that nothing can take me away from here.

I imagine I am a whale.  I am lying here in the dry pampas and the smell of sea is coming from me.  Even though I am a whale, I don’t gasp and I breathe the dry air deeply.  It relaxes me.  Somewhere in the distance I hear the gentle buzzing of bumble bees and the chirping of crickets.  The sounds around me keep a rhythm.  It is the same as the beat of my heart, even though I am pretty sure, they don’t even know I am lying here listening to them.

Time passes by but I am unaware of it.  When I open my eyes I may be greeted by the falling dusk over the expansive field.  I keep them closed.  I hold on to the moment.  I am one with nature, one with this time of bliss.

I open my eyes and exhale. I remove my wrist from my nose and open my eyes.  I am sitting on my couch in my living room, my laptop pressing on my thighs.  I exit my trance.  I bring my wrist back up to my nose and Ballena de la Pampa brings me back into the endless fields of Argentina.


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