Trussardi Uomo 2011Review


Galbanum, nutmeg, lemon, violet leaf, clary sage, patchouli, leather, oak moss

The Short Story

Failed Italianity.

The Long Story

Trussardi-Uomo-2011Trussardi Uomo 2011 is a harsh, slapped together fragrance made on the cheap. It has nothing to do with the original and even less with “Italianity” ( a term made up by the marketing team).

Trussardi is an Italian company renowned for making high quality fashion leather products. It was founded in 1911 by Dante Trussardi. Dante made it big by making very sought-after leather gloves. Banking on his glove success, Dante developed a whole range of leather products.  Today, the Trussardi Group continues to make fashion leather products and, as is customary for most designer lines, it also offers a range of fragrances.  The idea often is the fragrances to compliment the lifestyle inspired by the fashion line.

Trussardi’s fragrances have always been percolating in the fragrance space but have never been particularly popular with one exception. In 1983, the company released Trussardi Uomo.  It was a signature leather fragrance designed very much in the 80’s style.  Its raw leather vibe quickly became a symbol of masculinity and an ambassador of the brand.

trussardi-uomo Original

As the 80’s passed and the fragrance taste changed to lighted colognes, Trussardi Uomo‘s sales declined.  At some point, someone from a corner office decided to pull the plug.

In 2011, likely another or maybe the same someone decided to resurrect Uomo but in a slightly different format.  The fragrance was again to symbolize Trussardi’s Italian heritage and represent its lifestyle of rugged masculinity and non-conformism.

This time around, however, things were different. The Trussardi Group was after the money, so it had to release a scent with wide appeal. Ditching completely the original, the company released a reformulated Trussardi Uomo.  This is the one you will find on the fragrance counter nowadays.

Trussardi Uomo 2011-2

Trussardi says Uomo represents “Italianity”.  I understand Italianity as the Italian lifestyle as presented and interpreted by Trussardi. What I find interesting about the whole Italianity thing is that it looks like a desperate attempt to bank on the cache of Italy as a fashion capital.  It is not unlike Pierre Cardin, another once glorious brand on the decline, splattering the Eiffel Tower on its shirts hoping to get some nods of approval for being French.  If you can’t stand on your own merits, then you hope to stand on the merits of others by association.

Regardless of the motives behind the Italianity inspiration, the question then is, does Trussardi Uomo represent the Italian lifestyle? Well, yes, maybe some form of it.  The form you find on the flee markets in some countries where gypsies sell cheap replicas of Italian soccer jerseys, designer bags with misspelled names, and of course, knock-off fragrances. The sweetly cheap smell of Uomo reminds me of these places.  If this is the Italianity Trussardi had in mind, then Uomo does a great job.  If it tries to represent, impeccable style, rich culture and heritage, then it fails miserably.

Overall, Trussardi Uomo is a failed attempt to have a second go at a past glory.  A word of advice to the Trussardi folks: ditch the imitation and bring back the original.  We all loved it.


2 thoughts on “Trussardi Uomo 2011Review

  1. am desperately looking for the ORIGIONAL Tr Uomo, a master-smell ! Almost bought the new one thinking that I finally found it, but after smelling it… bye bye !!! Hope they bring the origional back on the market !


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