Torre of Tuscany Colonia Toscana Review


Orange, Lime, Lemon, Neroli, Jasmine, Musk

The Short Story

Excellent citrus.

The Long Story


When I first started exploring fragrances, I was going after all those complex, bigger-than-life scents that could make your head spin.  I thought simple scent were boring and lacking creativity.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.  There is an innate beauty in a simple fragrance: the type that is just it and does not seek to be anything more than that.  Part of its beauty is in its humility and lack of pretense.

It takes quite a bit of mastery to create a simple fragrance that is simply beautiful. In these simple fragrances is where the high quality of the ingredients and the mastery of the perfumer becomes evident.

Colonia Toscana by Torre of Tuscany is such a fragrance.  Colonia Toscana is simple and simply beautiful.  It relies on the naturally beautiful smell of high quality orange and neroli to shine.  Just like cooking, when you start with good quality ingredients, the meal always taste better even if the recipe is not that great.


Colonia Toscana opens with a sweet orange to which lemon and lime notes add a little extra zing.  As it develops, white florals, mainly neroli and jasmine, chime in.  The perfume doesn’t develop much beyond this point.  This is quite alright because, really, you wouldn’t want it to do much else besides smelling great.

Colonia Toscana has a definite masculine bend.  It is not the over-dominant type of masculine in the form of Le Male.  It is a fragrance for the gentleman: a guy with good taste and good upbringing to know that repelling human and living creatures with your cologne is vulgar.

That gentleman smells good for himself.  He wears cologne so that he can enjoy it and therefore, he chooses Colonia Toscana.  It has strong enough sillage for him to smell it but it is polite enough not to waft through the room. It is strong enough to last on his skin the whole day but moderate enough, so that at the end of the day, there is only a small trail of it lingering on his shirt.

Colonia Toscana is what citrus fragrances for men should smell like. It is made for gentlemen of pedigree and if you are one, you should wear it.


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