Xerjoff Shooting Stars Nio Review


Neroli, Bergamot, Cardamom, Nutmeg, Jasmine, Vetiver, Cedar, Amber

The Short Story

Beautiful citrus with no soul.

The Long Story

nioIf you have ever been on a date with no personality, you would know what Nio is like.  It is a fragrance made with high quality ingredients blended in a masterful way.  Yet, it fails to be more than just a citrus fragrance.

Nio is an exercise in perfection where the technical skills of the perfumer are being tested. It is as if he was told to avoid any creativity and just create a citrus fragrance.

Nio opens with fresh neroli and green notes. It is sparkling, zesty, exhilarating. The lack of any depth of this opening forebodes a fairly airy development.  Indeed, Nio grows into a jasmine nuanced woody scent. It is quite pleasant but it would hardly make you curl your toes with pleasure.

Generally, I love citrus fragrances. They evoke memories of happy places – sunny countryside, breezy beaches, sun-drenched gardens. When I was testing Nio, though, I didn’t get to experience any of these places. I could definitely appreciate the quality of the scent but it was as if its soul was missing.

Nio definitely makes my list of citrus fragrances to recommend, after all, it is a technically superb citrus, but I wouldn’t wear it myself.  Unfortunately, this porcelain beauty doesn’t move me.

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