Fueguia 1833 Ballena de la Pampa Review

Notes Musks, Hay, Ambergris The Short Story A moment of bliss. The Long Story I’m lying in the dry grass, the scorching sun kissing my face.  The light breeze is caressing my body and the dry grass is tickling my arms and legs.  The sweet aroma of hay and parched meadow flowers is wafting through the air. Tranquility is all I am feeling at the … Continue reading Fueguia 1833 Ballena de la Pampa Review

Xerjoff Kobe Review

Notes Orange, Bergamot, Neroli, Benzoin, Styrax, Resins, Musk The Short Story Dry citrus in a wooden box. The Long Story Umberto was sitting at his wooden desk peering through the half open French window.  The noise from the busy Calle de Serrano was trickling through the crack along with the bright rays of sun. It was mid morning on the day after his 65th birthday and Umberto was … Continue reading Xerjoff Kobe Review

Scent Stories: The Proposal (Eau D’Orange Verte)

“I don’t know, Gianfranco.” he said while buttoning his freshly ironed white shirt. “About which part?”, Gianfranco asked leaning on the side of the door frame. His white linen shirt, unbuttoned on top, was revealing sporadic black chest hair and a solid tan acquired through endless hours spent on the beach. Gianfranco crossed over his left foot, his his dark ankles peering from under his … Continue reading Scent Stories: The Proposal (Eau D’Orange Verte)